December 21, 2018

Current Edgewood stadium is already a compromise

Susan Nicol, Cap Times

Dear Editor: Continually lost in the current argument over the proposed addition to the Edgewood stadium is that the current state WAS the compromise. Ten years ago the neighborhood and Edgewood conflicted over stadium development. The compromise reached was that Edgewood would be allowed to upgrade and improve this arena with resurfacing, and stands added, but that they would NEVER add sound system or lights.

The neighbors have accepted the additional noise, traffic and trash that the current stadium brought. In secret, Edgewood added preparations for sound system and lights, revealing that the compromise of the time was just a stepping stone to new demands. Now Edgewood is pushing again, tone deaf to the neighbors who have opted out of offering this for their own children at the nearby public school due to a desire to remain considerate to neighbors of West High. Edgewood is acting like an entitled child, unappreciative of the gifts already given and demanding MORE, MORE!

I don’t live across the street from Edgewood, but I have empathy for those who do. You have my support. No new stadium. Players should have their large games in an appropriate location. It’s what other schools do when that close to a neighborhood. If this new “compromise” were to be approved, no doubt in a few years we would be hearing a demand for more. It’s not really a compromise. It’s this year’s demand.