Neighborhood Associations

No New Stadium endorses the Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association statement to support limited competitive use

Statements from Neighborhood Associations opposing Edgewood Campus’ exit from the Master Plan as delivered to the August 26, Plan Commission meeting



The Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association values the Edgewood Campus Master Plan that was created and adopted in 2014-15 to outline the uses and future development of the campus for a ten-year period. It has afforded adjacent neighborhoods the chance for advance information and input while allowing Edgewood a streamlined process to obtain numerous development projects.

The creation of this plan was a transparent and collaborative process involving all three campus schools, both adjacent neighborhoods and the City Planning Department. To respect this past process and maintain the integrity of civic engagement for the city of Madison moving forward, DMNA requests that proposed changes to the current Master Plan be made through amendments, rather than through revocation of the entire plan.

Public engagement is essential when any institution seeks to make a land use change that will have a significant impact on those beyond their property line. DMNA is opposed to upending an established process that has worked for the past two decades, and does not support the ability of any institution to implement significant land use changes without public input.

We continue to have faith in the Master Plan process, which has allowed Edgewood and its neighbors to better coexist in mutual respect since 1997. We also believe that the dissolution of this Plan would weaken the ability of Master Plans to govern future development and would discourage neighborhood and business collaboration for the entire City of Madison. We ask that our elected officials and the City Plan Department continue to honor this process, and continue to value community engagement. For this reason, we urge the Plan Commission and Common Council to oppose the dissolution of the Edgewood Master Plan.



The Greenbush Neighborhood Council of the Greenbush Neighborhood Association is concerned that the proposed termination of the Edgewood Campus Master Plan, a plan which was developed in a transparent and rigorous process over considerable time among key stakeholders, would do disservice to that process and could undermine public trust in similar processes in the future. To respect this past process and to maintain integrity in public process moving forward, the GNC requests that proposed changes to what is stipulated in the Edgewood Campus Master Plan be made through amendments rather than through revocation of the entire plan.



The Vilas Neighborhood Association wants to see the Edgewood Master Plan maintained.  The VNA believes that the key to keeping Edgewood and the neighborhoods involved in the Master Planning process long term is finding a compromise solution to the athletic field issues.   We urge our District 13 Alder, the Plan Commission, the Mayor, the City Council, the neighborhood associations, and Edgewood, to work together to find a compromise and resolve this situation.