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This is the summer schedule supplied by Edgewood High School. Please note the 6 a.m. start times!

EHS has scheduled more than 50 competitions on the athletic field this year. Every single one is in violation of the zoning for their property, which states the field is to be used for physical education classes and practices only.

Note that while the official schedule is here, neighbors have witnessed and reported other official competitions being played on the field that do not even involve EHS students. We have not been able to get an accurate schedule so ANY TIME you see or hear a game, please report it.

What can we do when the field noise is loud?
Call (608) 266-4275 and select 6 to register a formal noise complaint with the police on this non-emergency number.

What can we do when Edgewood High School hosts games?
Email during games to notify the City of Madison Zoning that Edgewood High School is in violation. This will trigger enforcement of the zoning regulations by the City in the form of citations and potentially, fines. If possible, please be specific about the type of noise (eg. crowd, siren, pistol) and how it is disturbing you.

Please note that this will not disturb the unlawful game in session. The City has asked us to document these events.

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