No LIGHTS. No amplified Sound.

No new stadium.

Edgewood High School is proposing to build a 1,000-seat stadium on the site of their practice field that would use amplified sound and 80' tall lights that would enable the school to host night games. The Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association has opposed the project while noting a history of support for other Edgewood projects in recent years.

Noise and light impacts on the neighborhood would be significant in terms of intensity and reach. You can take action to protect Lake Wingra, Madison’s quietest lake, from sky glow and noise pollution. Tell the city to say “No” to the stadium.


News and updates

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—Josh Napravnik discusses the the Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association’s opposition to Edgewood’s proposal on WORT.

JANUARY 29, 2019 —In the past, Edgewood has sought to co-exist with their neighbors. Edgewood has had many fine projects but stadium is not among them. Read a letter to the Cap Times from a former Edgewood-Neighborhood Liaison Committee member.

JANUARY 3, 2019 — Emails Reveal Evidence of Edgewood High School’s Dishonesty. Emails obtained via open records requests reveal a pattern of deception by Edgewood High School regarding its proposal to build a new stadium with lights and amplified sound in the residential neighborhood adjacent to Lake Wingra. Links to documents here.


The Waunakee High School football stadium has been held up as an example of the technology Edgewood High School plans to use.

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Let your voice be heard.

Tell the Mayor, City Council and your alder to vote NO on this proposal!

Tell the Plan Committee to vote NO on this proposal!

Don’t know who your alder is? Find out here.

Be informed


The January 14 and 22 hearings have been postponed at Edgewood High School’s request. We will post the new date for the hearing as soon as it is announced.

Attend the Plan Commission meeting. Sign up for updates from No New Stadium for notification of the new meeting date.

Contact your Alder, the Mayor and the Plan Commission and ask them to vote NO on this proposal.

Dudgeon_Monroe Neighborhood Association

DMNA Zoning subcommittee 
Josh Napravnik

DMNA Vice President
Rachel Fields

city council and Alders

City Council President
Samba Baldeh

Interim District 13 Alder
Allen Arntsen 


Mayor Paul Soglin

A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.

ALDO LEOPOLD, A Sand County Almanac

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Why now?

On January 14, the Plan Commission will make a recommendation to City Council for a final decision. Neighbors’ opinions and that of the district’s Alder hold considerable weight in these decisions.

Read the letter to the Plan Commission.

The Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association OPPOSES the stadium proposal. In 2017, two-thirds of DMNA community survey respondents opposed this development. In 2018, 80% of DMNA residents who’ve weighed in are opposed.

  • November 14, Edgewood submitted a formal, 32-page proposal to the City of Madison.

  • January 14 POSTPONED new date TBD, The City of Madison Plan Commission will determine whether to approve Edgewood’s proposal. Public comment will be permitted at this meeting.

  • January 22 POSTPONED new date TBD, City of Madison Common Council meeting to vote on proposal. Public comment will be permitted at this meeting.



That’s the percentage of Edgewood High School students that live in the 53711 zip code (Madison and Fitchburg).


The number of households in the residential and business area along Monroe Street represented by the Dudgeon-Monroe Neighbohood Association.


The percentage of respondents who currently oppose the new stadium in 2018.