January 20, 2019

Stadiums pummel neighbors with noise

John Robinson | Wisconsin State Journal

The neighbors of Edgewood who want the stadium should take a listen to the Madison Mallards on game night.

I can listen to the stadium’s sound system half a mile away, standing in my backyard. The homes on Trailsway, North Sherman Avenue and Northport Drive that are immediately surrounding the stadium are pummeled by noise, which surely must be in violation of city ordinances. And now the Mallards baseball stadium is scheduling concerts in addition to baseball.

When will additional “amplified entertainment” happen at the stadium at Edgewood? Oh, they will say it will not happen. But next year, or the following year, a “one-time event” will be scheduled, and incrementally more events, and more noise.

It’s coming soon to your neighborhood. Or not, if good sense prevails.