No New Stadium statement on Edgewood Master Plan Exit


For Immediate Release
Date: 8/2/2019
Press Contact: Catherine Jagoe
Phone: 608-620-5850


Edgewood Requests to Exit Its Master Plan

MADISON, WI. (August 2, 2019) – No New Stadium unequivocally opposes the resolution to allow the Edgewood campus to voluntarily withdraw from its Master Plan. The City and Edgewood, Inc. entered into this Master Plan agreement with the understanding that it would be honored by all parties for ten years, from 2014-2024. The Edgewood-Neighborhood Liaison Committee, which includes residents representing both Vilas and Dudgeon-Monroe, negotiated for four years in advance of final plan approval. As a result, all three schools have benefited by completing numerous projects in a streamlined process since 2014.

By allowing Edgewood to abandon this agreement now, because it wants something that is not in the Master Plan, the city would be discouraging future trust by all Madison residents in the city input process, and contradict the legislative intent of the Campus Institutional District ordinance, which was designed to balance the competing needs of institutions with the residential neighborhoods in which they are located. While the neighborhoods are not signatories to the Master Plan, we are significant stakeholders and our voices should count. We continue to have faith in the Master Plan process, which has allowed Edgewood and its neighbors to coexist in mutual respect since 1997, and in our elected officials, who value community engagement. In that spirit, we urge the Common Council to oppose this resolution.

About No New Stadium

No New Stadium is a grassroots organization of hundreds of neighbors who oppose Edgewood High School’s proposal to build an outdoor stadium with lights and amplified sound on its Monroe Street campus. The group was formed in October 2018. Learn more at