April 11, 2019

Important Developments

From the No New Stadium Steering Committee

Last week the NNS Steering Committee learned that, after further review by the city attorney’s office, the city has determined that Edgewood’s current Master Plan not only prohibits the playing of games, but also prohibits the installation of lights. This has been the position of No New Stadium all along and we are heartened by the city’s decision to enforce these limits.

We have attached that letter sent by the Office of the City Attorney to Edgewood’s representative, along with a Notice of Violation from the city to Edgewood regarding their illegal use of the site. While there may be additional information we don’t have at this point, our current understanding of the situation is that the city has asked Edgewood to return to the Master Plan amendment process. We will keep you informed.

The DMNA Council recently agreed to participate in conversations with EHS Board of Trustee members within a structured, facilitated format. We appreciate DMNA’s willingness to engage and its continued advocacy in opposition to the stadium.


Where We Stand

While we have been characterized in Edgewood’s literature as a “small but vocal group, a handful of neighbors… attempting to interfere” that is not what we are or who we are. We are an increasingly large group of Dudgeon-Monroe citizens who, pressed by the aggressive efforts of Edgewood High School, have been diligent and tireless in researching every aspect of the effects a stadium would have on our lives, our environment, our domestic and our financial well-being. We have established a factual and scientific basis for our deep concerns.

Our survey and mailing list confirm that there are more than 300 neighbors now actively engaged in opposing the stadium. Our numbers are growing, as is our strength.

The stadium is not right for our neighborhood (or for any residential neighborhood) because it would destroy the livability of our homes: noise, light, traffic, pre- and post event disruption and property devaluation would certainly occur. The proposed stadium is simply too close to residences.

The time has come for neighbors and No New Stadium to develop their own legal strategy and have an advocate to communicate our legal arguments to the city. Visit the No New Stadium GoFundMe! page to donate.

Thank You for Helping

We thank you for staying informed and for continuing to be heard. Your letters to the Plan Commission and to the media, your readiness to testify should hearings or open meetings occur, your conversations with you neighbors sharing insights and ideas… all that you do magnifies the efforts of the Steering Committee beyond measure.

Our commitment to our community and the preservation of our natural environment is reflected in support from Vilas neighbors, Friends of Lake Wingra and Friends of the Park and Pleasure Drive. Our values intersect and mirror those of other civic organizations, as stated in the missions of The Monroe Street Commercial Plan, the Arboretum, Imagine Madison, Madison Urban Design Commission and all those who understand that neighborhoods are the building blocks of our city.

Under every roof in our neighborhood is a unique family, a story, a history of long lives or the beginning of a new story just unfolding. We are right to protect one another.

Continue to Stand Strong with NNS! We will keep you and all of our supporters apprised of any new developments. Watch for updates and stay with us on important changes!



NNS Steering Committee