Edgewood High School suing City of Madison in federal court

AUGUST 21. Edgewood High School is suing Madison over the city’s decision to prohibit the private Catholic school on the near west side from using its field to host athletic contests.

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway has withdrawn her sponsorship of an ordinance repealing Edgewood's Master Plan. 

"The City of Madison does not discriminate against any religion," Rhodes-Conway said in the statement. "Edgewood High School is free to pursue the repeal of its Master Plan utilizing normal city processes.”

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We knew the fight wasn’t over and YOU know this neighborhood and the Lake Wingra watershed are worth fighting for. We still have outstanding legal bills. We have achieved so much with your support. Please donate to No New Stadium. Thank you for supporting No New Stadium!


No lights. No amplified sound.

Edgewood High School is proposing to build a 1,200-seat stadium on the site of their practice field and install amplified sound and 80' tall lights to host night games. The Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood Association has opposed the project while noting a history of support for other Edgewood projects in recent years. Bordered by Monroe and Woodrow Streets the field is a mere 65 feet away from the nearest residential property.

Edgewood High School is not playing by the rules.

Edgewood High School shared their summer schedule. Note the 6 a.m. start times. EHS has scheduled more than 50 competitions on the athletic field this year. The city attorney has determined that every single game is in violation of the zoning for their property, which states the field is to be used for physical education classes and practices only. Here’s what you can do.


The Waunakee High School football stadium has been held up as an example of the technology Edgewood High School plans to use. Noise and light impacts on the neighborhood would be significant in terms of intensity and reach. You can take action to protect Lake Wingra, Madison’s quietest lake, from sky glow and noise pollution. Tell the city to say “No” to the stadium.

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A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.

ALDO LEOPOLD, A Sand County Almanac

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The percentage of Edgewood High School students that live OUTSIDE the 53711 zip code which includes Madison and Fitchburg!


The number of households in the residential and business area along Monroe Street represented by the Dudgeon-Monroe Neighbohood Association.


The percentage of respondents opposing the new stadium in 2018.

No New Stadium and neighbors have retained a local law firm to advocate and communicate our legal arguments to the City. Visit the No New Stadium GoFundMe! page to donate.