February 27, 2019

Edgewood trying end run around stadium process

Dianne Jenkins | Wisconsin State Journal

Dear Editor: I am writing in response to a news report about the Edgewood stadium. The article reports on Edgewood HS’s communication to its parent and donor communities about their change in strategy to achieve their goal of hosting night games on their athletic field. As usual, Edgewood did not inform, much less seek the input of, the surrounding neighborhoods that would be most affected by this.

Edgewood is not changing its end goal, they’ve just called a different play — a Plan B in which they build their stadium piecemeal through a process they believe will allow them to circumvent public input. Their Plan B presumes that city staff will ignore the Campus Master Plan, which does not allow the use of the athletic field for competitions.

I have faith that the city’s professional staff are not bureaucrats with blinders, and will see this for what it is: an attempt to execute an end run around an open process, in order to advance Edgewood’s interests while disregarding and devaluing the negative impacts on surrounding neighborhoods.