January 24, 2019

Edgewood isn't honoring its values

Pat Alea | Wisconsin State Journal

I am on the steering committee of No New Stadium. I'm a 36-year resident of the Dudgeon-Monroe neighborhood on Madison's Near West Side. My daughters attended Edgewood Campus School, Middle School and High School.

My sad realization is that the current Edgewood administration is a far cry from the leadership of the past. The suggestion that Dominican values are being upheld is not true.

Truth has been compromised in Edgewood’s misrepresentations of need, intent and project scope. Compassion is absent in a revenue-producing project that results in lost property values for nearest neighbors. There is little justice when leaders and students live elsewhere, and our neighborhood must deliver the goods. Where is the partnership when our very self-respect is called NIMBY?

Imagine if Edgewood had called our community together and said, “We’re in a bit of trouble. Enrollment is down. Revenues are tight. We have a history of such great collaborations. Let’s work together to help Edgewood thrive!” Our neighborhood would have risen to an honest challenge because we don’t want Edgewood to fail.

Instead, the current administration has presented a convoluted plan excluding true input. A long history of trust and cooperation has been sacrificed.