March 7, 2019

A message from the Steering Committee

Dear Community Members,

We wanted to send an update in response to Edgewood’s assertion that they intend to install stadium lighting and sound outside of the City of Madison’s process to amend a campus institutional Master Plan.

First, any installation of lighting will require a permit from the City of Madison. Last summer, Mike Elliott requested that former Alder Sara Eskrich sign off on stadium lights as a minor alteration. Alder Eskrich said that would not be possible as stadium lights would require an amendment to the Master Plan and referred him to city planning staff.

Second, the wording of Edgewood’s Master Plan, negotiated with the city and neighborhoods, stipulates use of the field for Practices and Phys Ed classes only. The Zoning Administrator for the City of Madison offered his interpretation in November 2018 that Edgewood has been in non-compliance with their zoning by playing competitive games on the field. Further, he stated Edgewood could be subject to enforcement if they did not successfully amend their Master Plan. If Edgewood is not pursuing their amendment through the Plan Commission, they may be subject to enforcement for each game played. This includes the daytime games whose crowd noise has been disruptive to many neighbors.

Finally, all of the sound studies performed, including Edgewood’s own study, show that even a relatively small crowd of 150 generates noise that exceeds Madison’s noise ordinance. Their subsequent proposal to build a wall would not mitigate crowd noise to levels conforming with Madison’s noise ordinance. Their announcement on Friday, February 22nd to get a permit to install a sound system and 80’ pole lights is an attempt to sideline neighborhood opposition and established city processes.

We appreciate the efforts of Madison’s City Planning Department staff thus far, as well as the effective representation that incoming DMNA President Rachel Fields has shown throughout this process.

As this situation unfolds, we may be best served by having our own legal representation. Please consider if you would be able to contribute to a legal fund in the near future.  

Thank you for your ongoing support and action to protect the quality of life in Madison’s near west side residential neighborhoods.

Steering Committee, No New Stadium