Who we are

We are a grassroots group of concerned citizens who strongly oppose Edgewood’s recently unveiled plan to turn its new athletic field into a stadium with 1,200 seats, 80-foot high-mount night lighting and an amplified sound system.


About the issue

Under the existing Campus Master Plan, approved in 2015, Edgewood built a $1.5 million outdoor athletic field. At that time, the neighborhood was led to believe the field would be used for practices only, and would not include lights or a sound system. Edgewood High School president Mike Elliott declared in the Wisconsin State Journal (6/15/2015), that neighborhood associations have been “opposed to us having lights or playing games here. We’re … building this to be able to give our athletes the practice facilities that provide the best surfaces possible.”


What changed?

Three years later, Edgewood has changed course and now plans to add a stadium to the practice field. They propose to host night events for football, soccer, lacrosse, track and field, and numerous other unlit sporting events during the day and early evening that would use amplified sound. This is a significant change in use of a significant part of their campus, which will have a significant impact on the neighborhood. This breach of trust and erodes the concept of institutional commitment for other citizens throughout Madison.