Tell the city you oppose the proposed ordinance

No New Stadium unequivocally opposes the proposed ordinance to allow the Edgewood campus to withdraw from its Master Plan.

Oppose the exit: Keep the Master Plan

The decision determining whether or not to allow Edgewood to exit the Master Plan was referred from the Common Council back to the Plan Commission. We OPPOSE the exit.

Just three days before the scheduled meeting, Edgewood High School requested that the master plan exit hearing be referred to October 28. It will not be discussed in the October 14 and 15 Plan Commission and Common Council meetings. We apologize for any inconvenience and will keep you informed of any new developments.

Please contact the Plan Commission and Common Council and ask them to vote NO on ordinance #56839 (Repealing the Campus Master Plan for Edgewood ).


What can you do?


Write to Mayor Rhodes-Conway, your alder (please cc all alders) and the Plan Commission to express your belief in community engagement and the continued value of all parties honoring the Master Plan. You can write to Plan Commission director Heather Stouder and she will distribute your message to the commission.


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Contact your Alder, the Mayor and the Plan Commission.

Tell the Mayor, City Council and your alder that you oppose allowing Edgewood to exit from the Master Plan. This action would violate the trust the community has with the City planning process.

Please cc all alders to increase the visibility and effect of your message. Don’t know who your alder is? Find out here.

Email all alders

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