June 19 2019

Find a non-residential location for Edgewood stadium

Yael Gen | Cap Times

Students and supporters of Edgewood High School have been told that the neighbors are preventing them from having the stadium they deserve. And that is untrue. No one wants to punish the students for decisions in which they have no agency. In fact, neighbors were assured by the city that reporting a violation would not disturb the unlawful games in session. This issue is about the deal Edgewood campus leadership made with the community and the city. The campus entered a specific legal agreement to use the field for practices and physical education. Then they changed their minds.

The position of the neighborhood has not changed in the 23 years I’ve lived here. I'm guessing that most people don't realize that the field is actually closer to some residences than it is to the school building! The proximity of the field to residences is not compatible with a stadium. It never has been and as housing density increases, it never will be.

This situation could be an opportunity for Madison rather than a threat to the Dudgeon-Monroe and Vilas neighborhoods. Surely there is a non-residential location that could not only benefit Edgewood’s less than 500 students, but West High School’s over 2,000 as well! At the hearing last week, Edgewood High School officials talked a lot about their values of community and partnership. It’s time to walk the talk.