What is the Collaborative Working Group?

NOTE: The Collaborative Working group has been suspended at Edegwood High School’s request. This group, consisting of representatives from DMNA, the Vilas Neighborhood Association and Edgewood High School, engages in facilitated dialog about EHS’s proposed changes to its athletic field. The agreed-to purpose of this work group is “Finding a way forward for Edgewood High School and the community regarding the EHS athletic field that optimizes the interests of key stakeholders.”

The meeting notes and agendas from meetings can be found here:
EHS Collaborative Working Group Public Folder. 

Edgewood distributed a revised plan on April 29. NOTE that letters from City of Madison attorneys and zoning staff to Edgewood’s attorneys refute many of Edgewood’s claims in this document; please don’t assume they may proceed as they wish. Download the document here.

Read the letter from the City Attorney.

Read the Notice of Violation.